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Lonely Together - Video out now!

Posted 10/6/2015

Lonely Together social experiment documented different people's reactions to music. Over 27 different nationalities, 1 song that none of them had heard before. The video is now available on YouTube. 

Lonely Together is a social experiment aimed at studying and documenting how people from different backgrounds and walks of life react to music. Through the project, we want to show that music unites people − despite our differences.

In the project, volunteer participants were given a song by singer-songwriter Katrin Johansson and songwriter Markus Savijoki to listen to. Their reactions to the music were filmed individually. The goal was to document the emotions of people and make a video based on them.

The finalised video is out now and you can watch it on YouTube where you can also find video blog entries related to the project.

Lonely Together - finalised video on YouTube

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