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Annual Meeting 2014

Posted 1/3/2014
POWWE'R Annual Meeting
Mon 14.4.2014, 18:00-19:30
Learning centre Aleksandria, room 329
Kaisaniemi, Helsinki
POWWE'R annual meeting will be held on Monday 14.4.2014 at 18:00. The meeting will take place at learning centre Aleksandria  in Kaisaniemi. This year, a new board will be elected. 
  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Election of the Chairperson and Secretary for the meeting, Auditors of the minutes (2 persons) of the meeting, Election coordinators (2 persons)
  3. Announcement of quorum and legality
  4. Acceptance of procedure
  5. Introduction of the Financial Statement, Annual Report and Auditor’s Report for the year 2013
  6. Approval of the Financial Statement, Annual Report and Auditor’s Report; Discharge of liability for the board of members and other parties involved
  7. Ratification of the Plan of Action and the Budget (including membership fees) for year 2014
  8. Election of board members for the next two year term.
  9. Election of the Operation Inspector and the Deputy Operation Inspector for the year 2014
  10. Other issues arising
  11. Closing of the meeting
Please note that the meeting is meant only for those who have officially registered as members by filling in the membership application on our website or on paper and paid their membership fee for the year 2013.
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Chairperson Ehi Enakimio, ehi.enakimio(a)
Vice Chair Kaisa Enakimio, kaisa.kolari(a)