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 Proud of Who We Are

Proud of Who We Are

POWWE'R ry is an intercultural non-profit organisation operating in the greater capital area of Finland. Our objective is to promote intercultural dialogue and immigrant integration into the Finnish society. 

Cultural Empowerment

The emphasis of our activities is in different forms of culture. We organise workshops, seminars, cultural events  and social gatherings to bring people from different backgrounds

All our activities are open to Finns and foreigners alike - this way we are able to create interaction and understanding between mainstream society and minorities.


The Queen of Hearts
– International Beauty Contest

The Queen of Hearts is an international beauty contest organised in Helsinki, Finland. In the contest, we look for a woman to represent international women in Finland and act as a goodwill ambassador promoting intercultural values and self-worth.


Get involved
Join POWWE'R! 

Whether you are interested in intercultural issues, different cultures or simply looking ot make new friends, don't hesitate to get involved with POWWE'R!